Baseline  A short film created by Keaton TF Evans and Lauren Runions Premiered July 6th 8PM at The Black Cat Artspace, Toronto Official Selection IDF Film Festival, Berlin  Direction: Keaton TF Evans  Choreography:  Lauren Runions  Assistant Direction: Andrew Finlay Stewart  Intro Music: Devon Runions  Featuring: Micha Baltman Maryanne Casasanta Caryn Chappell Aliie Higgins Sarah Koekkoek Amanda Norsworthy Amanda Pye Camille Rojas Yui Ugai Oriah Wiersma David Woodward Shelby Wright  Baseline is a short movement-based film studying path, pattern and rhythm in a cityscape. Informed by the architecture of Toronto, Baseline follows individuals as they make use of and take up space.
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