Pillars Piece
Pillars Piece
Pillars Piece

Pillars Piece reminds us of what used to live in this now park/underused environment downtown Toronto (York and Queens Quay). 14 Dancers circle, skip, run and draw their hands over tiny pieces of history, off-ramp supports we will shortly lose.

Quoted from NOW’s piece: “The pillars are Toronto’s best accidental public art project,” says Rotsztain over the phone. “Heritage is often [viewed] as the deep past, but it’s the way we inhabit space and respect what came before us.”

Last year, he launched a petition to incorporate the spiral of concrete monoliths into the new park, but after an international design competition, Montreal firm Claude Cormier Associés’ winning plan does not include them. Construction begins in spring 2020.

“I recognize the effort to save them isn’t going to work, so let’s enjoy them while they’re here,” says Rotsztain. “Let’s relish in the temporary urban landscape and have a moment to appreciate this beautiful artifact before it leaves.”

Shelby Wright
Sarah Koekkoek
Jamee Valin
Zoe Thomson
Yui Ugai
Mary Patsiatzis
Katie Allen
Cassandra Bowerman
Allie Higgins
Phoebe Pearl
Maxine Rose Adjeleian
Marlowe Porter
Camille Rojas
Oriah Wiersma

Choreography by Lauren Runions

The Pillars Picnic
Produced by Daniel Rotsztain
York St and Queen’s Quay, Toronto ON
June 2 2019

Photos by Colin Medley